All are members of local churches. Please pray for each one

Here is our team in Mozambique. They are based in the city of Beira which is in the centre of the country.  In the front role is the secretary of Project Mozambique – Plus, Maria da Graça who as well as helping in administration work helps in a variety of different jobs, such as with the printing of the literature, correcting Portuguese texts, and helping to distribute Sunday school activity books.  Maria is also gifted in translating Portuguese texts into the Sena language which is a huge help in the literature programme.


Beside her is Pastor Cazança who works in our primary schools programs. Pastor Cazança is no stranger to the classroom as he was a teacher before becoming a pastor. And through his contacts with former colleagues, he has been able to open up doors for us to work in more schools. Pastor Cazança also helps in the correcting of our Bible studies.

In the middle role is Pastor Manuel Alface who is the legal representative and advisor of Project Mozambique. Pastor Manuel also helps in the translation of Portuguese texts into the Sena language. Standing beside him is Joaquim who is the newest member of our team. Joaquim originally started working for us as a guard. But since we have moved to our base in the centre of Beira he has been helping in a number of ways,  in the work in schools and helping to distribute Sunday school activity books.


Then sat at the very back on a bench is Inácio Miguel who is responsible for distributing the MP3 players that contain the Sena Scripture recordings. Inácio is often going out to the rural churches in this work. He is also responsible for organizing and distributing Bible courses in rural churches.


We are so very grateful for your prayers for our team as they faithfully continue with their work.