In Mozambique it has been calculated that about 54% of the population is under the age of 20 years. So work among children to enable them to grow in God’s Word is very important, just as it is in all cultures.


The work of Project Mozambique - Plus of producing material to help children learn more of the Bible has grown considerably over a period of more than 20 years. There are now many churches using the material with the children in their Sunday schools; a large number of which are in the rural areas, while a  number of state schools use the material to help in the teaching of Christian morals to children.


The material produced for the Sunday schools is aimed at teaching children different themes from the Bible. The material is in the form of simple activity books that the children receive, while the teachers receive manuals that contain notes to give them guidance as they teach the lessons. The manuals also contain suggestions of further activities, such as games, songs and dramas, all of which is to back up what is being taught.

Courses are arranged in many rural areas that provide vital training for the Sunday school teachers on how to use and develop the material. At the same time the simple activity books provide children with the opportunity to learn more basic reading and writing skills which is always a big help in any developing country.


Following the success of the work with the Sunday schools, a request was made to Project Mozambique - Plus’ a request was made for the material to be used in state schools for the teaching of Christian morals to children, in a subject called «Moral e Cívica». So material is prepared that teaches morals from the Bible, using Biblical accounts such as the parables of Jesus. The lessons we prepare are similar to the Sunday school activity books, but are presented in the form of worksheets.


A note for other workers involved in children’s ministry in other parts of Mozambique, and in other Portuguese-speaking countries, including in Portugal:


The material we have produced is available for you to use if you so wish. Please contact us by e-mail to find out more. We would also like to hear from others in children’s ministries in Portuguese-speaking countries so that we can exchange ideas, experiences and material. Please do feel free to e-mail us at


We can also arrange for the translation of our material into English. Please contact us at above the above email address for more information.

It is estimated that 8 million people are unable to read or write in Mozambique, while worldwide the number it is estimated that 758 million people are not able to read, write or do simple arithmitic. This illustrates the importance of recording Scriptures which enables more people to have access to God’s Word.

This work involves recording parts of the Bible in local languages for people who are unable to read; then distributing the recordings to rural churches with MP3 players that have no need for batteries, nor electricity, as they can be powered by solar panels. We are doing this work in partnership with Good News Media of South Africa who supply us with the materials.


The language we have mainly worked  with until now is the Sena language which is spoken in the centre of Mozambique. In the photo two larger MP3 players can be seen that we also distribute. One is being held by the pastor with the red shirt, while a second one can be seen on the table.  One of the good things about these players is that we can load new recordings from a laptop, such as seen on the table where a MP3 is connected to the laptop. This material is distributed to local churches by Inácio who is a member of Project Mozambique - Plus’ team in the city of Beira.

As well as the MP3 players we also distribute flip charts that illustrate what the people are hearing on the tapes, and so provide a very simple, but very effective visual aid. This is of great value in the rural churches where there is a high number of adults who are unable to read. It also provides an effective tool for both evangelism and teaching of the Bible for both young and old. Note the tape player that Inácio is  holding in this photo. These were hand driven and were used before new technology started arriving in the form of MP3 players.


In the rural areas this work is very important because the Word of God can inspire hope in people, and that hope enables people to face the many difficult challenges that they have to deal with. So for those people unable to read, the recordings help to open up the Bible and so provide them with greater access to God’s Word. That in turn will always inspire faith. As the apostle Paul wrote, and is quoted above: “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. (Romans 10 v.17)

One of the greatest needs within many churches in countries such as Mozambique is in the teaching and equipping of the church leaders and their congregations, so that they can have a greater knowledge and a better understanding God’s Word - The Bible. This is done in a number of ways, such as with the provision of Bibles, seminars, and Christian literature.

We prepare and distribute Bible studies, while at the same time we use  additional material that has been prepared by other missions in Africa and Portugal. Our aim is to help equip church leaders and their congregations, so that those local churches can help make a positive difference in their local communities; reflecting in those communities Christ’s light, love and concern for all people.


Bibles study courses - For some years we have arranged  Bible study courses in Mozambique that can be used by rural churches. These courses are simple, and the churches are able to run the courses themselves. They are administered and distributed by a member of our team called Inácio. He is seen in the photo below as he goes out to rural churches. The fruit that we see from this work is very encouraging.


Some of the material we use is prepared and printed by our team in Beira from where it is distributed. The photo on the left is of our team that is based in Beira, there are:

Back row (from left to right) - Pastor Manuel, Inácio (seated) and Joaquim.

Front row - Maria and Pastor Cazança

For some time now we have been providing a translation service. This has been very helpful for missions who are working in Portuguese-speaking African countries, such as Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Cabe Verde, and Sao Tome and Principe. Portuguese is also spoken in East Timor, Macau and Brazil.


If your mission or organization has material that you would like to translate from English into Portuguese then please do feel free to contact us. Our email address is:

As can be seen on this page, over some years we have prepared a considerable amount of Sunday school activity books, with manuals for teachers. The material is primarily in the Portuguese language, but we now also have material in English. It is simple to use, and cheap to copy. If you would like to have access to this material for Sunday schools where you are working, then please feel free to contact us.


We also have material for the teaching of Christian morals in schools, and Bible studies for church leaders and their congregations. Again if you would like to make use of this material please contact us.

Our email address is: