About Project Mozambique - PLUS // Mission Centre

The work of Project Mozambique began in 1992, following a visit to the country by Chris Hemborough. At that time Mozambique was one of the world’s poorest countries following a long civil war. But in the midst of many difficulties the Church had remained very active, and were seeking help in the area of teaching the Word of God.


There were further visits by Chris, and his wife Cámica (Maria do Carmo), and when, in 1995, they went out to work in the country as missionaries, they started and developed the work of Project Mozambique. This work was in helping the local churches with the provision of material that enabled people to grow in God’s Word and in their faith in Christ Jesus. This was done by providing:

· Activity books for Sunday schools

· Scripture recordings (For people unable to read)

· Bible studies and Scriptures for church leaders, plus their congregations and communities.


Later they were invited to use their children’s material in some local schools to help in the teaching of Christian morals. Much of material was prepared at their base in the central city of Beira, and this still continues today with a small Mozambican team that they have prepared.

For many years they projected the Jesus film in the open air on behalf of local churches, which presented the life of Jesus according to Luke’s Gospel and would also project films for children based on the parables that Jesus taught.


In 2012 Chris and Cámica returned to Portugal; a change which has presented new opportunities through the establishing of a Mission Centre from where they could develop further the work of Project Mozambique. From this Mission Centre they are now developing more activity books for Sunday schools, helping other missions working in more Portuguese speaking countries in Africa through translating their material, while at the same time shipping out Bible studies for those same missions. This is all done with the help of other churches and organizations in Portugal who share similar goals. The Mission Centre has also been equipped with printers which further increases the production of material, including the printing of activity books for Sunday schools in Portugal.


For these reasons the name has been changed to Project Mozambique - Plus; a small change but one which says so much about how this work has grown—both in Mozambique and beyond.

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Timothy, Peter, Cámica, Chris and Ana.


Chris and Cámica.


Chris and Cámica were married in 1992. They have three children, Peter and Ana who are currently living and working in the UK, and Timothy who is studying in Lisbon. The two youngest, Ana and Timothy were born in Mozambique, while. Peter was just over a year old when they first went out to work as missionaries there.


Cámica translating material in Portuguese for missions in Africa.


Another helper with translation material has been Henrique.


Always good to get help - Renato and Pedro are packing Christian and school books for shipment to Mozambique.


Boxes for Mozambique.


It is always good to see where what we send ends up, like here with books sent to this school library in Beira.


From the Mission Centre we are in regular contact with our team in Beira.


Maria at conferzence.